Welcome to Aix-Marseille

Aix and Marseille are unique cities in France. Aix-Marseille University is organized around five main campuses situated in this two cities: Aix-en-Provence  is about 40km in land, and Marseille is situated on the sea shore. The congress will  be in Marseille.


Marseille spreads on the sea-shore, dominated by the church "La Bonne Mère"  (Notre Dame de la Garde).
Marseille is well known for the expansive character of the people there (the comic Asterix made good laugh about it).

Aix is more known for its cultural and architectural heritage ... famous painters have also contributed to the renown of Aix area.


Marseille has been nicely sketched in several artistic media; just to name a few : the already mentionned asterix comics, "Le comte de Montechristo" (A. Dumas's (father)), Marcel Pagnol's Great Work (movies and books), etc ... and to cite recent work,

a TV series with G. Depardieu "M|arseille", eboy's plan (http://www.eboymarseille.fr), etc




Don't miss to visit the MUCEM (new national museum).





Marseille also has a tremendous sea-shore named "calanques" ( see pictures below).






Visit the touristic info service : http://www.marseille-tourisme.com/en/ More to come...