Understanding Chemistry and Biochemistry with Conceptual Models

The ValBO 2018 will be held in Marseille from june 24th 2018 to june 29th.

The purpose of the 3-days satellite of the 16th ICQC is to provide an opportunity for scientists to present their research on methods and models, which provide concepts and interpretations, that help to better understand the nature of chemical processes or structures. The fields of application extends from chemistry to biochemistry. The satellite will emphasize methods and models that give clear chemical insights to chemical processes or structures. A workshop/school on VB theory and methods will extend (3 days) the discussions in an casual way, around courses and discussions as well as actual 'hands-on' tutorials. This will be the fourth edition of such a school after successful meetings in Paris (2012), Xiamen (2015) and the up-coming Aachen (2017), this time including  the Empirical Valence Bond approach.

Find more about the confirmed speakers in the menus.

Note that the communications will be published in Electronic Structure special issue for VALBO (Guest editors are Lynn Kamerin and Etienne Derat see the journal web page)


The Rolling Stones will be in Marseille on tuesday june 26 th  ... it is not part of the social program though.

Scientific Board

Benoit Braida (Paris, France)
Jeremy Harvey (Leuven, Belgium)
Martin Head-Gordon (Berkeley, USA)
Philippe Hiberty (Paris, France)
Stéphane Humbel (Marseille, France)
Lynn Kamerlin (Uppsala, Sweden)
Jean-Paul Malrieu (Toulouse,France)
Andreas Savin (Paris,France)
Sason Shaik (Jerusalem,Israel)
Wei Wu (Xiamen,China)
Fernanda Duarte (Edimburg, UK)
Fuming Ying (Xiamen,China)

Local committee

Yannick Carissan
Nicolas Goudard
Denis Hagebaum Reignier
Stéphane Humbel (Chair)
Jean-Marc Mattalia
Paola Nava


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